Totally promoting fabric dyeing operations From dyeing to printing and processing by utilizing the latest technology Since its foundation in 1990, P.T. Tokai Texprint Indonesia TTI)has been supplying its products not only to the Japanese market but also to other Southeast Asian countries, the United State and Europe. TTI, who was born when the sensitivity nourished by Indonesian traditional “Batik” and the high technology for dyeing developed by Tokai Senko K.K. Japan,now entertains a high reputation throughout the world for its high-level quality control, time-of-delivery control and cost performance. In the dyeing industry, sensivity to design and fashion is wanted, as well as technical ability. We will continue to respond to world demand by meeting the requirements of the times, polishing our sensitivity, and pursuing the development of new dyeing technology.

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  1. Saya tertarik dgn kain katun jepang produksi pt.tokai textprint, kualitas dan motifnya sangat bagus. Mohon infonya dimana saya bisa membeli kain produksi pt.tokai textprint yg lengkap. Atau mungkin ada info marketingnya. Saya bergerak di konveksi skala ukm.terima kasih

    Ian asta

    1. Untuk pemesanan bapak bisa langsung menghubungi marketing kami dengan Ibu Dinti, 021-8934142